Dave Slater Mystery Series

Death of a Temptress

Dave Slater Mystery Series #1

DS Dave Slater is suspended from duty. The injustice of taking the rap for a fast-track London detective’s botched investigation hits him hard. To add insult to injury, his boss hands him a closed case for a discreet re-investigation. Is this a chance to redeem himself or a way of ensuring he fails?

Ruth Thornhill went missing six months ago. According to the evidence, she ran off with another man, so the Met closed the case. However, Ruth’s sister Beverley refuses to give up. And Beverley has friends in high places.

Slater’s enquiries soon find inconsistencies in the original investigation, and after a near-fatal encounter with a London bus, he realises the stakes are far higher than he imagined. Someone wants him to disappear.

An unlikely ally, in the form of fellow scapegoat DS Norman Norman, helps him uncover disturbing connections between the missing woman, a Chinese businessman, a glossy magazine, an online escort agency, a top London banker and senior officers from London’s Serious Crime Unit.

The two uncover a mire of corruption, blackmail, deception and possibly the most cunning murder ever seen. The evidence stacks up against one particular suspect and Slater and Norman close in.

But as with most things in Slater’s life, nothing is ever simple.

Just a Coincidence

Dave Slater Mystery Series #2

DS Dave Slater is bored. With nothing more to investigate than a flasher and an illiterate counterfeiter, he yearns for some excitement. He soon learns to be careful what you wish for.

The battered body of a woman is found in a patch of long grass near local woodland, yet there are no tracks or of signs of disturbance. Who is she and how did she get there? Even as they are examining the scene, a dog makes a grisly discovery in the woods and subsequent search reveals two long-buried skeletons. Three bodies in one day seems like a bizarre coincidence.

Slater and his colleagues soon identify the first body as Sarah Townley, reported missing from Birmingham. When the pathology team report shows the two skeletons, both victims of an axe murder, were Sarah Townley’s sister and niece, there’s no such thing as just a coincidence.

A complex web of connections emerges, including former boyfriends, ex-lovers, a pilot smuggling contraband and a Serbian gangster, making it a tough job to nail the killer. Or killers. On top of this, someone’s causing trouble in the detectives’ close-knit team. When accusations start flying, Slater is right at the centre of the sort of scandal that could end a career.

In this second book in the series, the sleepy Hampshire town of Tinton is hiding some long-held secrets. To deliver justice for the dead women, and to save his career, Dave Slater must go digging.


Dave Slater Mystery Series #3

When a little old man is found dead in his home, DS Dave Slater assumes he was simply the victim of a tragic accident. He lived alone, after all, and didn’t seem to have any living relatives. But after some strange occurrences at the old man’s home, Slater finds himself probing deeper. He soon discovers that someone seems to be looking for something – but what was the lonely old man hiding, and why is someone so desperate to find it?

And then there’s Florence – a ghost-like figure who is occasionally spotted around town in the early hours of the morning. Slater can’t shake off the feeling she is linked, somehow. But how, and why?

The Wrong Man

Dave Slater Mystery Series #4

When Diana Woods is found stabbed to death in her kitchen, DS Slater and DS Norman Norman are plunged into another major investigation. The finger of suspicion quickly points at Diana’s estranged husband, Ian – a bully who regularly abused his wife.

But as Slater learns more, he begins to wonder if everything is as it seems. When a new suspect appears on the scene, it seems that Slater’s instincts were right. But the evidence seems just a bit too convenient, and Slater and Norman have to face the possibility that their suspect is being framed – and they could be back to square one.

The Red Telephone Box

Dave Slater Mystery Series #5

When DS Dave Slater is called from his bed in the middle of the night, he is horrified to find that the flat belonging to his colleague, DS Norman Norman, has been set alight. His relief at being told Norman wasn’t inside at the time quickly turns to concern, as no trace of the missing officer can be found.

As the minutes stretch into hours, and DS Slater starts to dig into the circumstances surrounding Norman’s disappearance, he discovers that the involvement of a mysterious Russian man could mean Norman is in an even more dangerous situation than first feared. With a new DI in charge – who just so happens to be a woman – and more twists and turns than a rollercoaster, DS Slater faces a race against time to find Norman before it’s too late.

The Secret of Wild Boar Woods

Dave Slater Mystery Series #6

Detective Sergeant Dave Slater is fed up. His girlfriend is off travelling the world, his trusty partner Norman could be retiring, and to top it all off, his boss has assigned him a rookie to babysit. He finds himself wondering if being a police officer is for him anymore. And then he picks up the phone to the case that no police officer ever wants to deal with– a missing eight-year-old girl.

When little Chrissy’s body is found curled-up in nearby woodlands, DS Slater and the rest of the team are plunged into an investigation that sees them delve back into history in a bid to solve the mystery of Wild Boar Woods. Can they find Chrissy’s killer? And could they uncover an even larger crime in the process? Slater only knows one thing – it’s up to him to find the truth.

A Skeleton In The Closet

Dave Slater Mystery Series #7

Detective Sergeant Dave Slater returns to work after an injury to find himself embroiled in yet another disciplinary shambles. His interrogation at the hands of the aptly named DI Grimm is interrupted, however, when Tinton Police Station is rocked by an explosion. After rushing to the scene, Slater is shocked to find a bomb blast has killed his friend and colleague – who shouldn’t even have been in the building in the first place.

Vowing to find justice for his friend, DS Slater throws himself into the investigation to find the mystery bomber. But as ever in Tinton, secrets lie barely buried below the surface, and his friend’s life may not have been all it seemed. And with so many skeletons in the closet, which one will end up rattling the loudest?

The Kidney Donor

Dave Slater Mystery Series #8

When a homeless man is found burned to death in a skip, it seems to police like an open and shut case. After all, it was probably just a tragic accident, wasn’t it? But when former Detective Sergeant Dave Slater (now just plain Mr) arrives back from a holiday to Thailand, it’s not long before he and former partner Norman Norman get the distinct whiff that something isn’t quite right. Why has homeless veteran Ryan suddenly gone missing? And why is he so sure that it should have been him in that skip? And why had the dead man recently had a kidney removed?

No longer having the resources and clout of Tinton Police behind them, Slater and Norman must put their detective skills to good use to find the truth before there are more victims.

What's in a Name?

Dave Slater Mystery Series #9

When Joe Dalgetty is found dead at home, a postmortem reveals he died of a heart attack, and with no suspicious circumstances to suggest otherwise, he becomes just another statistic. Neighbour Rosie Hewitt isn’t convinced, and when Joe’s house, and then her own, are broken into, she tries to persuade the police something’s not right, but with a burglar targeting pensioner’s houses they don’t think Rosie’s case is anything special.

Whatever the police might think, Rosie knows she’s right, and she’s heard there are two ex-police officers who are starting a detective agency. Maybe they will be prepared to listen to her.

It’s not long before Slater and Norman uncover their first anomaly: Joe Dalgetty might have been 62 years old, but officially, he didn’t exist until five years ago! And that’s just the start. In a case involving a robbery that happened almost 30 years ago, an old London gangster, a protected witness, false identities, and two dead schoolboys from the sixties, it’s difficult for Slater and Norman to work out who’s really who, and what’s really going on.

And with lots going on in the background, it eventually becomes clear someone’s got it in for Slater, or perhaps it’s his girlfriend who’s the intended target…

A Puzzle of Old Bones

Dave Slater Mystery Series #10

Newly promoted Detective Inspector Dave Slater could groan when he’s handed his first case in his new role. This isn’t the first time he’s had to deal with dug-up old bones – and things get even worse when he gets to the scene to discover the skeleton is that of a little boy.

Along with new partner DS Samantha Brearley, known as Watson, he tracks down a couple whose only son went missing years previously. But they are adamant that the remains found, and even a distinctive antique silver pendant discovered beside the body, can’t have anything to do with their missing son. When DNA results back up their assertion, Slater finds himself at a crossroads, the evidence pointing every which way.

But there’s an unfortunate fact about digging – once you start, you never know what else you might find. And Slater soon begins to realise, there could be more than the bones of a little boy lying buried deep in the past.

A Fatal Deception

Dave Slater Mystery Series #11

After the traumatic conclusion of his last case, Detective Inspector Dave Slater is sent off on a dead-end case to get him out of the way. Unknown to Slater, his close friend and former colleague Norman is tasked with finding the whereabouts of his ex-girlfiend, former barrister and one-time down-and-out Jenny Radstock.

Things quickly take a sinister turn, however, when Norman is asked to go and identify a body lying on a mortuary slab. What looks like a simple case of suicide rapidly starts to unravel, and Norman and sidekick Naomi Darling are plunged into the dark and grimy world of derelict squats, drug dealers, and the homeless community.

Can they untangle the complex web of informants, drug lords, and stolen mobile phones? And why does Norman get the feeling Superintendent Bradshaw knows more than he’s letting on? One thing’s certain, though: Slater’s life will never be quite the same again.

Wrongly Convicted

Dave Slater Mystery Series #12

In February 2008 Julie Harris left home to spend the weekend with an old friend. Several weeks later her battered body was found on a caravan site in Wales. Her husband was later found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Steve Harris always protested his innocence, and now, ten years later, evidence has come to light that suggests he may well have been wrongly convicted.

Slater and Norman are tasked with the job of uncovering the truth, but with a widening pool of suspects, and a shrinking list of potential witnesses, can they discover what really happened on that fateful weekend and catch the real killer?

Deceptive Appearances

Dave Slater Mystery Series #13

It’s been a slow start to business for private detectives and former police officers Dave Slater and Norman Norman, so when the case of a young woman’s disappearance arrives on their desk, they’re hopeful it could be just the break they need.

But it soon becomes clear that the man who reported her missing has his own secrets and motivations to hide – and with mysterious photographs, false IDs, and an unidentified body in the mortuary, a simple missing persons case becomes a tangled web involving local businessmen, undercover journalists, and conspiracies.

Will Slater and Norman be able to solve the mystery – and manage to stay safe – after finding themselves on the dark and seedy side of Tinton?