September Newsletter

Hello, and welcome to my very first P.F. Ford newsletter.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you up to date with what's going on in Pete's life, but as I'm the one who will be writing to you, I thought it might be a good idea to start by introducing myself, and telling you how I came to be here.

About Me

As you all know by now, my name is Mary and I'm Pete's wife. I first came across Pete almost 10 years ago through an online dating site, but if you ask him about that first contact he will always say he went online to buy a duvet and somehow ended up with a Mary!

We moved to west Wales on 1st May 2014. Having lived in the south of England for most of our lives, this was a big deal for us, but we have now become very settled in our little village and really enjoy the slower pace of life here in Wales. We've enjoyed some wonderful times here and I'm sure there are many more to come.

Moving house wasn't the only major event for us in 2014. We also got married in August of that year with just close family and a small group of dear friends helping us to celebrate. We had a wonderful, stress-free day, which started with a register office ceremony, photos at an old castle, a wedding lunch at our favourite restaurant, and finally a small party at the local golf club. We ended the day walking home hand in hand in the moonlight. What a great day!

Why I'm Now Part Of This Writing Adventure

After spending 30+ years working in payroll, at the end of July I found myself redundant. Being the age I am, we knew it wouldn't be easy to find similar employment, and so Pete suggested I should work alongside him, keeping on top of all the things he should be doing more of (apart from the writing, of course). This is all new to me, but I think you're never too old to learn new skills.

New Novel Released Early

The new novel called ‘I Hope You're Happy Now' and featuring new character DS Sarah Southall has been released a couple of weeks earlier than originally planned. Pete says he's released it early because he got such positive feedback from the Beta Reader team, (but I suspect someone may have clicked a wrong button when he was uploading it ready to publish!) It's available now in the Amazon Kindle store, and can be purchased at a reduced price until next Wednesday, 20th September – click here to learn more.

There is a new cast of characters for you to get to know in this book, which is just a tad darker than the Dave Slater series, and if you read it we would love to hear what you think.

In The Pipeline

Pete did suggest there might be a Norman Norman story (probably a novella) released in time for Christmas. That's still a possibility, but only if he can get the manuscript to his Editor in time. Keep your fingers crossed for this one.

There will be an eleventh Dave Slater novel next year, probably in the Spring, and also a second DS Sarah Southall book to follow.

Facebook Group

This is an idea I've borrowed from one or two other authors. They have created a private Facebook Group where readers can keep in touch with them, and each other. They even have set times when the author promises to be online so they can answer questions. It's something I would be happy to set up, but first I need to know if anyone would actually be interested in joining. Please let me know if this is of interest to you.

Your Suggestions

The main purpose of this newsletter is to keep you informed, but I've never written a newsletter before, so I hope you will bear with me if I haven't got it right first time! I really hope I can get to know you, so if you have any suggestions about particular things you would like to see, please do let me know. Even if you just want to drop me a line to say hello, I would really love to hear from you.

Until next time, stay well, and stay safe.


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Kay says December 8, 2018

I must be a late comer to this site. I just finished “Death of a Temptress” and really enjoyed both the story line and also the comradery between Norman and Dave…and hope Steve remains part of the team! There was a site to go to, to get the next novel and a novella for free, but it is no longer working. I’d like to read that second novel, if it would be reinstated…I look forward to more of P. F. Ford!

    DaveSlater says December 8, 2018

    Hi Kay, you must have downloaded your copy of Death of A Temptress a long time ago. That offer ended months ago, and is no longer available. I’m afraid you’re going to have to buy the second novel if you want to read it.

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