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Giving A Voice to Slater and Norman
Do you like audiobooks? If so, you may be pleased to hear recording of Death Of A Temptress is due[...]
Slater and Norman Book 11
A Fatal Deception is the 11th Slater and Norman Mystery. In this story Norman Norman takes the lead when he's[...]
Evolution Of A Series
I didn't set out to write a series! Death Of A Temptress was never intended to be the first book[...]
September Newsletter
Hello, and welcome to my very first P.F. Ford newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep you up[...]
New Novel, New Character!
This latest novel, released in Amazon's Kindle store on 25th September 2017, features new character DS Sarah Southall. Working alongside[...]
Just Who Is Alfie Bowman?
To celebrate the re-launch of the Alfie Bowman novellas with their new covers, I thought it might be an idea[...]
When Someone Believes In You
If you have read my last, 'About Life' post, you'll know I made a decision, ten years ago, to leave[...]
When Something's Not Working It's Time For A Change.
I hope this doesn't come across as a self-pity piece. It's nothing like that. I don't feel remotely sorry for[...]
Perhaps I Should Stop Doing This And Get A Proper Job!
My name is Peter Ford, and I have a problem. You see, I have these days where I sit down[...]
This Wouldn't Happen In The Real World
Much as I enjoy writing the Dave Slater Mystery Novels, I have many other ideas I would like to develop.[...]