October Newsletter

  • December 4, 2017

Hello from yet another wet, dreary, day in West Wales.

What a wonderful crowd you are. Thank you for making me feel welcome and taking time to email with your thoughts and suggestions, I will pick up on these through the coming months.

I do apologise if you have not received a response back to your email, I believed I was merrily acknowledging emails and then found out that not all emails I was sending out were actually going! It turns out we had a technical issue but hopefully that has now been resolved.

Settling In period

This first month has flown past so quickly that I find we are now mid month again – how on earth did that happen!

This is a totally different way of working from what I was used to, with lots of new things to learn including how to apply myself to be most useful in the world of an Author’s Administrator. It’s not quite as straight forward as I first thought, but I am sure I will get there.

I Hope You’re Happy Now –  DS Sarah Southall

As you are aware, this book has now been launched.  Pete has had a mixed bag of reactions to it, but the feedback has been mostly positive. There will probably be a second book in the New Year but that’s still in the planning stage with no firm dates in mind as yet.

Dave Slater Series

Pete is busy writing the eleventh book and it should be ready to go to his editor at the end of the month, but someone says this is only likely to happen if I stop interrupting his “creative flow”. Apparently I must stop and think before I open my mouth (but somehow this doesn’t seem to apply if I’m asking if he wants tea, or cake!)  I did bake a Christmas cake, but that has now all gone…. (It appears will power is rather lacking in this house!)

In The Pipeline

Exciting news!  We’re venturing into a new format – Death of A Temptress is to be recorded as an audio book! Recording is scheduled to begin early in November.  If this first book is received well, the plan will be to record the entire series. Look out for a progress update next month.

Facebook Group

The response with regards to opening up a Facebook Group was amazing.  I am now struggling to decide what to call the group so I am open to your suggestions. Once I’ve settled on a name I will create the group.  Please note that this will be a closed group and will only be accessed by invitation, so if you would like to join the group and have not already told me, please do let me know so that I can include you.

Until next time, stay well, and stay safe.

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