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About the books:
Death Of A Temptress
When DS Dave Slater is the victim of a botched investigation, he quickly gets bored of sitting at home twiddling his thumbs, but when his boss hands him a case to be investigated ‘discreetly’, Slater sees a chance to redeem himself.

As he delves into the missing person case, Slater discovers there could be some link between a girl leading a double life and the police officers who made him a scapegoat for their own failings. When he is nearly pushed under a London bus, he realises the stakes are even higher than he had imagined.

Joined by fellow scapegoat Norman Norman, Slater is plunged into a tangled web of corruption, blackmail, deception…and possibly the most cunning murder he has ever seen. But can he and Norman wade through the ever-widening pool of suspects to find the killer?

A Complete Fiasco
Before the Dave Slater Mystery Series was even a development idea, P.F. had already written a series of novellas featuring a character called Alfie Bowman. It was as he was writing these stories he realised he needed a police officer character. The resulting “good cop” turned out to be a guy called Dave Slater, so it’s fair to say this novella series is where DS Dave Slater evolved.

Slater popped up in one or two of these novellas, but it wasn’t until the fifth story that he really became a major character. It was as a result of what happened in this story that Slater came to be suspended from duty at the beginning of his own series!
 The story in question was originally called A Handsome Stranger, but has now been re-written from Slater’s point of view and renamed ‘A Complete Fiasco’. It’s exclusively available as a free download to members of P.F. Ford’s Readers Group. Scroll back up and join now to get your copy!