Since Death Of A Temptress was first published in August 2014, the Dave Slater Mystery series has been published exclusively through Amazon’s Kindle platform. This exclusivity gave me access to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited programme where readers pay a monthly subscription to Kindle Unlimited which allows them to “borrow” books to read. Of course, being in an exclusive deal with Amazon means I cannot publish my books anywhere else.

In response to many requests from ebook buyers who prefer to buy their books in stores other than Amazon, I made the decision in November 2016 to start withdrawing my books from the exclusive deal and make them more widely available. So, as each exclusive deal comes to an end I am no longer renewing the contract and instead publishing each book on various other platforms, the major International ones being Kobo, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and Apple’s iBooks. The books will also be available in numerous smaller online stores.

To date, Death Of A Temptress, Just A Coincidence, and Florence are already widely available. Here is a timetable for the rest: The Wrong Man will be available from 10th March, The Red Telephone Box from 24th March, The Secret Of Wild Boar Woods from 31st March, A Skelton In The Closet from 14th April, The Kidney Donor from 28th April, and What’s In A Name from 11th May.