The Kidney Donor

  • September 2, 2016
The Kidney Donor
eBook: £2.99/$3.99
Series: Dave Slater Mystery Novels, Book 8
Genres: British Detective, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Police Procedural
Tags: British detective, British mystery, Dave Slater, Novel
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Kindle
Length: Novel

It was probably just a tragic accident, wasn’t it?

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About the Book

When a homeless man is found burned to death in a skip, it seems to police like an open and shut case. After all, it was probably just a tragic accident, wasn’t it? But when former Detective Sergeant Dave Slater (now just plain Mr) arrives back from a holiday to Thailand, it’s not long before he and former partner Norman Norman get the distinct whiff that something isn’t quite right. Why has homeless veteran Ryan suddenly gone missing? And why is he so sure that it should have been him in that skip? And why had the dead man recently had a kidney removed?

No longer having the resources and clout of Tinton Police behind them, Slater and Norman must put their detective skills to good use to find the truth before there are more victims.

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