• September 2, 2016
eBook: £2.99/$3.99
Series: Dave Slater Mystery Novels, Book 3
Genres: British Detective, Cozy Mystery, Mystery, Police Procedural
Tags: British detective, British mystery, Dave Slater, Novel
Publication Year: 2014
Format: Kindle
Length: Novel

DS Dave Slater always hopes for the best but assumes the worst. The discovery of the body of an elderly man looks innocent enough, until one loose thread unravels fifty years of lies, blackmail and bones.

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About the Book

When a little old man is found dead in his home, DS Dave Slater assumes he was simply the victim of a tragic accident. He lived alone, after all, and didn’t seem to have any living relatives. But after some strange occurrences at the old man’s home, Slater finds himself probing deeper. He soon discovers that someone seems to be looking for something – but what was the lonely old man hiding, and why is someone so desperate to find it?

And then there’s Florence – a ghost-like figure who is occasionally spotted around town in the early hours of the morning. Slater can’t shake off the feeling she is linked, somehow. But how, and why?

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