Deceptive Appearances

  • December 8, 2018
Deceptive Appearances
eBook: £2.99/$3.99
Series: Dave Slater Mystery Novels, Book 13
Genres: British Detective, Mystery, Police Procedural
Tags: British detective, British mystery, British private investigator, Dave Slater, England
Publication Year: 2018
Format: Kindle
Length: Novel

It’s been a slow start to business for private detectives and former police officers Dave Slater and Norman Norman, so when the case of a young woman’s disappearance arrives on their desk, they’re hopeful it could be just the break they need.

But it soon becomes clear that the man who reported her missing has his own secrets and motivations to hide – and with mysterious photographs, false IDs, and an unidentified body in the mortuary, a simple missing persons case becomes a tangled web involving local businessmen, undercover journalists, and conspiracies.

Will Slater and Norman be able to solve the mystery – and manage to stay safe – after finding themselves on the dark and seedy side of Tinton?

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