An Unnecessary Murder

  • September 2, 2017
An Unnecessary Murder
Series: Alfie Bowman Novellas, Book 3
Genre: Cozy Mystery
Tags: Alfie Bowman, amateur sleuth, British private investigator, cozy mystery, England, Novella
Length: Novella

When local police detective, DS Dave Slater stumbles across a murder scene, key evidence soon seems to indicate unlikely hero Alfie Bowman is suspect number one. Slater’s boss, DI ‘Nasty’ Nash, is only too pleased to grasp this opportunity for revenge, and once again Alfie finds himself on the wrong side of Nash and his misuse of the law.

But Dave Slater’s had enough of DI Nash and his lust for revenge. When he becomes convinced it’s all a set-up and Alfie’s being framed, they join forces behind Nash’s back to try and find the answer.

Who wants to frame Alfie and why? Could Nash’s desire to get even with Alfie really have driven him this far? Or, are they missing something?

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