A Complete Fiasco

  • September 2, 2017
A Complete Fiasco

Rumour has it London gangster Slick Tony is hiding out in Tinton and the Serious Crime Unit’s DI Jimmy Jones has been sent to lead the manhunt. Blissfully unaware that he has already crossed paths with fugitive Slick Tony, Alfie unwittingly discovers his hiding place when he sees the handsome stranger watching him through a bedroom window.

Then, out of the blue Alfie gets a strange phone call on behalf of girlfriend Sophia’s ‘husband’. But Sophia has always told Alfie she’s divorced, and when he asks her about it she’s adamant that she is divorced, but now they begin to realise that someone must have been watching them...

After days of surveillance and planning, the operation to apprehend Slick Tony is nearing its climax when Dave Slater makes a startling discovery and Sophia goes missing. Then, as Slater watches the whole operation begin to unravel before him, something quite unexpected makes him bolt from the house in a desperate race to get to the fugitive first.

What was Slick Tony doing in a quiet little town like Tinton? What would make Dave Slater break cover and race to get to Slick Tony first?

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