Alfie Bowman Novellas

An Unlikely Hero

Alfie Bowman Novellas #1

Living in a small town, tucked away in the south of England, unremarkable average guy Alfie Bowman has been heard to describe himself as a refugee from a failed life, and definitely not hero material!

When he stops in his local pub for a couple of pints on the way home one night, the last thing he expects to have to do is save a stunning young woman half his age from a fracas with an enormous thug with huge fists! Waking up in hospital later that night Alfie wonders if maybe getting involved hadn’t been the best decision he’d ever made after all! But he soon learns that the beating he’d been given had nothing to do with events in the pub…

So who did beat him up, and why? Who is the stunning young woman, and what’s she doing in town?

Missing Without Trace

Alfie Bowman Novellas #2

Thirty years ago, ten year old Simon Younger left school after choir practice to catch the bus home, but instead of catching that bus home he seemed to vanish into thin air. The police enquiry at the time went nowhere fast, focusing on just one main suspect but never able to prove a thing…

Now, amateur sleuth Alfie Bowman thinks it’s high time this forgotten mystery was solved once and for all so Simon’s mother, Daphne, can finally find the closure she so badly needs. But as soon as their private investigations start Alfie receives an unwelcome visit from local Detective Inspector ‘Nasty’ Nash, who seems intent on doing his best to intimidate Alfie into going no further with his enquiries.

Why is Nash so desperate to stop them? Is there a connection between Nash and local gangster Nugent? What really did happen to Simon Younger?

An Unnecessary Murder

Alfie Bowman Novellas #3

When local police detective, DS Dave Slater stumbles across a murder scene, key evidence soon seems to indicate unlikely hero Alfie Bowman is suspect number one. Slater’s boss, DI ‘Nasty’ Nash, is only too pleased to grasp this opportunity for revenge, and once again Alfie finds himself on the wrong side of Nash and his misuse of the law.

But Dave Slater’s had enough of DI Nash and his lust for revenge. When he becomes convinced it’s all a set-up and Alfie’s being framed, they join forces behind Nash’s back to try and find the answer.

Who wants to frame Alfie and why? Could Nash’s desire to get even with Alfie really have driven him this far? Or, are they missing something?

Who Kidnapped Billy Bumble?

Alfie Bowman Novellas #4

When hopeless petty thief Billy Bumble is arrested and taken away in handcuffs by a vengeful DI Nash, Billy’s wife Allison turns to amateur sleuth Alfie Bowman, the only person she feels she can trust. But, when Alfie contacts his friend DS Dave Slater to try to find out what’s going on, he’s told Nash can’t have arrested anyone because he’s on gardening leave.

So, if Nash hasn’t arrested Billy, has he kidnapped him to exact revenge on Allison? With the local police reluctant to take Billy’s kidnapping seriously, this could be Alfie’s most dangerous case yet as, assisted by best mate Positive Pete, he attempts to find and rescue the unfortunate Billy Bumble.

You definitely don’t want to miss the awesome climax in which Nugent the Nutter turns hero, and an incredulous DS Dave Slater can’t believe the story he’s being told!

A Complete Fiasco

Alfie Bowman Novellas #5

Rumour has it London gangster Slick Tony is hiding out in Tinton and the Serious Crime Unit’s DI Jimmy Jones has been sent to lead the manhunt. Blissfully unaware that he has already crossed paths with fugitive Slick Tony, Alfie unwittingly discovers his hiding place when he sees the handsome stranger watching him through a bedroom window.

Then, out of the blue Alfie gets a strange phone call on behalf of girlfriend Sophia’s ‘husband’. But Sophia has always told Alfie she’s divorced, and when he asks her about it she’s adamant that she is divorced, but now they begin to realise that someone must have been watching them…

After days of surveillance and planning, the operation to apprehend Slick Tony is nearing its climax when Dave Slater makes a startling discovery and Sophia goes missing. Then, as Slater watches the whole operation begin to unravel before him, something quite unexpected makes him bolt from the house in a desperate race to get to the fugitive first.

What was Slick Tony doing in a quiet little town like Tinton? What would make Dave Slater break cover and race to get to Slick Tony first?