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In February 2008 Julie Harris left home to spend the weekend with an old friend. Several weeks later her battered body was found on a caravan site in Wales. Her husband was later found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Steve Harris always protested his innocence, and now, ten years later, evidence has come to light that suggests he may well have been wrongly convicted.

Slater and Norman are tasked with the job of uncovering the truth, but with a widening pool of suspects, and a shrinking list of potential witnesses, can they discover what really happened on that fateful weekend and catch the real killer?

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The Slater and Norman Mystery series is a classic British blend of character, suspense and humour that never takes itself too seriously. A refreshing, entertaining read for those who prefer character and story over blood and gore. 

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Having spent most of his life trying to be the person everyone else wanted him to be, P.F. (Peter) Ford was a late starter when it came to writing. Having tried many years ago (before the advent of self-published ebooks) and been turned down by every publisher he approached, it was a case of being told ‘now will you accept you can’t write, and get back to work’. But then a few years ago, having been unhappy for over 50 years, Peter decided he had no intention of carrying on that way.

Fast forward a few years and you find a man transformed. Having found a partner (now wife) who believes dreamers should be encouraged and not denied, Peter wrote his first novella series in 2013. Called the Alfie Bowman Novellas, one story in this series needed a detective, and along came a character called Dave Slater. The rest, as they say, is history!

In his first novel, Death of A Temptress, Slater was joined by new colleague Norman Norman. This first book spawned the increasingly popular Slater & Norman Mystery series which celebrated the release of it's twelfth book, Wrongly Convicted, in May 2018.

Happily settled in Wales, and no longer constrained by the idea of having to keep everyone else happy, Peter is blissfully happy being himself, sharing his life with wife Mary and their four rescue dogs, and living his dream writing fiction. Future plans include several more Slater & Norman novels, and developing some of the many ideas Peter has.